What is Fall Out of Camp (and Spring in to Camp)?

Fall Out of Camp is a weekend devoted to getting Camp Tamarack ready for the winter months. Most of our 21 buildings do not have heat or insulation, so we need to make sure the water and power is shut off, the windows and doors are closed and locked and ready for Wisconsin wind, snow and temperatures.
We also close down the waterfront, which means cleaning out the boat house of anything the animals can make a nest of, and taking those items, along with the watercraft, to their winter storage areas.
We make sure the rest of the Camp is ready for winter, including making sure firewood is stocked and trails cleared. We try to schedule this weekend in October before the first hard freeze of the year.

Spring in to Camp is then a weekend devoted to getting Camp Tamarack ready for the summer season. The power and water is turned back on, the waterfront is restocked with equipment, and the cabins get opened up for the summer. We try to schedule this weekend in May after the last freeze and before camp programming begins.

We also do some smaller projects, as needed, at both weekends, such as removing old water heaters, cleaning light fixtures, or refrigerators. There is something for all skill levels and ages to help with!

Meals are free and lodging is offered for free as well for those that would like to stay – for lodging, you will need to bring bedding and towels.

The best part of both weekends is the fellowship of people being good stewards of what we have been given.
We are very appreciative of all the help we get! Keep in mind too, that if these weekends don’t work for you and you, your church, your youth group or a bunch of friends want to work on a project, let us know and we will set that up!

Contact info:
Rev. Carolyn Dugan at carolyn.dugan@abcofwi.org or 715-281-2269

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