2022 ABC- WI Region Camps

May 19-21 Spring In to Camp – This is the time we prep the camp for the summer. Contact Carolyn if interested in helping. Free lodging and meals.

June 12-18 Sr High (just finished 9-12 grade)  Cost $275

June 19-25 Jr High (just finished 7/8 grade)  Cost $275

June 26- July 2 Junior (just finished 5/6 grade)  Cost $275

July 3 – 6 Grandily Camp – Grandparents and Family camp that includes programming for all ages. Must be over 18 or with family.  Cost $130/person (Ages 0-4 free)

July 8-10 Kayak/Canoe Camp – Must be over 18 or with family. Cost $100

July 10-16 Middler (just finished 3/4 grade)  Cost $265

July 10-13 Primary (just finished 1/2 grade)  Cost $170

July 29-31 Reunion Camp Cost $100

There will also be opportunities this summer to come up to camp and volunteer your time with specific projects. More information will be posted on the website and on social media. Free lodging and meals for these events. 

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