Update to Summer 2021 dates and more opportunities!

For the summer programming, we will be adding a Reunion “weekend”, some Project Camps, plus a Canoe Camp! See the dates below:

Sr High – completed 9-12th grade June 20-23

Jr High – completed 7th/8th grade June 23-26

Primary – completed 1st/2nd grade June 27 – 30

Middler – completed 3rd/4th grade June 27-30

Grandily – All ages June 30-July 3

Junior – completed 5th/6th grade July 4-7

Project Camp I – July 11-15

Reunion “weekend” – July 16-17

Project Camp II – July 18 – 22

Canoe Camp weekend –  July 23-25

Postcards will be sent out with info to the addresses in the database and information will be posted here on the website and social media pages when we are are ready for registrations.

The Reunion Weekend will be Friday night to Saturday – individuals and families are welcome. We will follow the schedule of a camp day and will start with Vespers on Fri evening and ending with Vespers on Sat evening .

The Project Camps will include scraping and painting cabins as well as updating the stairs at Vespers and to the ball field. We promise not to just work – we will have fun too – no programming, but the waterfront, craft barn, carpet ball, and more will be open. You must be 18 to attend this camp if you are not attending with an adult as there are no chaperones. Perfect for youth groups 🙂 There will be no charge, but we will ask for a donation to cover meals if you are able.

Canoe Camp will include at least 4 canoe trips along the Chain ‘o Lakes as well as canoe/paddling instruction as needed. There will also be some programs including devotions and crafts on the summer theme. You are welcome to bring your own canoe or kayak to join in.

Cost for all camps will be updated and sent out soon.  Any questions please contact Carolyn at carolyn.dugan@abcofwi.org or call/text at 715-281-2269.


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