Camp is hiring and looking for volunteers in 2023!

We have several openings we are looking to hire for as well as many volunteer opportunities coming up this camping season.

Summer staff information:

Camps will be running from Sunday afternoon until Thursday evening with a few exceptions as we navigate holidays and there would be opportunity to support various rental groups. With this updated schedule, staff will have off all day Friday and Saturday. Each staff member will have their own room in the Basile Retreat Center for the season and all boarding/meals are taken care of.  The programming season starts June 11th with staff arriving the week prior to prep (date TBD). The end of programming is July 16th, however we will have rental groups that will need support.  If you can commit to the summer, that would be ideal, but we are open to a week by week commitment.

The positions we are hiring for

Lifeguards – looking for two and at least one needs to be lifeguard certified. (Camp can fund the certification if needed)

Assistant Cook – looking for one person

Craft Barn Lead – looking for one person (this role may also run the canteen)

Assistant facilities – looking for one person to help with projects, mowing, and mini forestry.

All positions do dishes and we do try to have a weekly staff meeting and Bible study.

Summer Volunteer Needs:

  • Cabin leaders for most camps. We do have minimum ages/grades in order to lead a camp. For example, to cabin lead for Junior High, you need to have graduated high school and to cabin lead for Junior, you need to be in 10th grade or older.
  • Health Officer for most camps: at minimum need to be CPR/First Aid certified.

For any position working with campers, we will be doing a background check and asking you to fill out a volunteer form stating you will follow the camp rules and regulations to keep the campers and all leaders safe.

We will be having spring work days and would love to put your skills/time and talent to work.

You can find programming camp dates HERE

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