Renew Retreat for spring clean up

“When you send forth your spirit, life is created;

and you renew the face of the earth.” – PSALM 104:30

Formerly known as “Spring Into Camp,” Camp Tamarack has reimagined our Spring initiative to prepare for the Summer youth camping season; We are excited to invite you to join us for Renew Retreat: readying camp while reviving, re-grounding, and renewing our spirits in Christ.

During this time, we will be preparing all Camp spaces, grounds, and buildings for summer usage. As we come out of a colder season of hibernation, Spring is greeting us in big and small ways —  we wanted to balance the physical workload with the needs of our spiritual wellbeing. In the past, these times were set aside to focus on the physical tasks and labor it takes to bring Camp up to speed; while this will still be the priority each morning, we have added some retreat elements to the afternoon:

– fellowship through song and conversation,

– time for reflection by yourself or as a group,

– option to join a short, guided stretch/yoga session,

– afternoon free to lean into how God is calling you closer (continuing your assigned work area/project, taking a walk or canoe ride, meditative time with your Bible; relaxation hobbies you brought from home e.g. cross-stich or knitting, reading a book, checkers with a friend, painting, playing music on an instrument, etc.).

With our goal being to ready Camp for the next season, we ask that you please commit to a minimum of one morning of work and worship; you may attend as many or as few days as your schedule allows. We look forward to seeing you for Renew Retreat May 17 – 20 and June 1 – 4.

You can fill out the registration form HERE (Renew Retreat Volunteer Registration Form)

If you have any questions, please reach out to Carolyn at or Lara at

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