Staff Bio: Linda Jolly

Linda Jolly is a long time Wisconsinite ( born in Walworth), but she did live in Germany twice, South Carolina and North Dakota before moving back to Wisconsin. Linda served in the Air Force and was married to a military man. She has been coming to camp since she was in 3rd grade.  Her youngest three sons grew up coming to camp, and even worked at camp.

God gave me a dream that I would live at camp some day and in three years my dream came true. Linda has been cooking at camp since 2013.  The kitchen is her happy place.

Linda and her dog Percy live in the staff house. When not working at camp, she works as a cook at the Waupaca High School. In her free time she enjoys gardening, kayaking, snowshoeing, crocheting, sewing, sending time with her grandchildren, and playing with chickens.

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