Things to know before you go….

For participants in our camping program: read our Covenant of Caring found below.

For all who use Camp Tamarack facilities:

With how we are licensed and insured, we need to adhere to state and local regulations.

If you have any questions or are unclear on a rule/regulation please ask. You can find the current policy for Rentals/Retreats HERE and our updated alcohol policy HERE.

Camp FAQ

What should I bring? Sleeping bag/bedding, towels, outdoor clothing appropriate to the season, toiletries, notebook/journal, Bible, camera, bug spray

What should I leave behind? Electronic devices, food and drinks outside the kitchen. Sorry, no pets.

What time is drop off on Sunday? 2 pm – no campers will be received prior to then.

What time is pick up on Thursday? After dinner – specific time will depend on the camp.

What is Grandily Camp? It is a structured camp for families. “Grandily” is a combination of  Grandparents and Family camp.

Is there Wi-Fi? Not really, camp has very limited wi-fi. We encourage you to connect in different ways – with God, with nature, with each other.

Can I park by the lodges?  Unless there is a health issue, we encourage people to park in the marked lot and walk to the lodges. We would like all to enjoy the views of the space and we need to keep roadways clear for emergencies. If you need to park closer, please ask for instructions ahead of time.

Can I plug in a heater in the cabin? Fans are ok and there is a ceiling fan in each cabin, however we ask that you do not bring a space heater for the cabins.

Is the water safe to drink? Yes! We are very environmentally conscious and encourage people to bring refillable water bottles instead of buying or bringing water bottles.

What does a camp schedule look like? You can find examples here and here.

Who are the camp leaders? Camp leaders for youth camps are all volunteers who have background checks completed each year. There is a weekly Director, Pastor, Health Officer and in 2022 we are establishing 2 adult leaders in each cabin.

Here is the Information Sheet that is sent to all camp participants that are registered.

Camper/Retreat and Rental Covenant of Caring

All campers, youth and adults, are expected to know and to follow the Camp Tamarack Covenant of Caring, as follows:

  • I agree to participate in all aspects of the camping program and experience to the best of my ability.
  • I agree to respect the privacy, property, and dignity of others. One example of this will be to treat each cabin as an area to be entered only by the persons assigned to that cabin.
  • I agree to cooperate by being in my cabin, on my bed, and quiet during the appointed times for rest and sleep when scheduled.
  • I agree to respect all policies, guidelines, and dress codes established by the Collaborative and  Associate Regional Minister: Outdoor Ministry. Among these are ones, which prohibits illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products on the camp property with limited exceptions.
  • I agree to return home promptly at my own expense if my failure to cooperate with the spirit of this Covenant is such that the Associate Regional Minister: Outdoor Ministry asks me to leave.

Camp Policies

  1. NO smoking, alcohol or illegal drugs are permitted on camp property. Alcohol is allowed in very limited capacities for groups containing only adults 21 or older. No youth can be present as part of the camp experience. (Policy is available for review)
  2. Fires are allowed only in designated campfire pits.
  3. No sails or outboard motors may be attached to camp boats or canoes.
  4. Personal Safety and provision for health and accident insurance is the responsibility of the individuals and groups using the camp. We do not provide or charge for such insurance coverage.
  5. All persons and groups must check in with the Hospitality Manager, Facility Manager or Associate Regional Minister: Outdoor Ministry upon arrival and leaving. They will designate which facilities are available, give advice of regulations regarding their use, and provide maintenance services during the rental period.
  6. Please do not move furniture or other items in buildings or on grounds. If anything is broken or damaged, please inform the Hospitality Manager or Associate Regional Minister: Outdoor Ministry immediately.
  7. No pets allowed when visiting or renting facilities.
  8. Vehicles must remain on gravel roads at all times during loading and unloading.  At no time are vehicles to be parked in areas other than designated parking area.
  9. No food or drink (other than water) is allowed in sleeping quarters at any time.
  10. Snowmobile and ATV use is prohibited on the property.
  11. Waupaca County requires us to recycle. All groups will be expected to follow posted recycling guidelines.
  12. Failure to adhere to these regulations will result in appropriate disciplinary actions and fines.

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