Camp Tamarack Staff

Associate Regional Minister – Camping: Rev. Carolyn Dugan

Phone: 715-281-2269

Please feel free to contact Carolyn with any questions.  

Assistant Minister – Camping: Facilities and Guest Services: Rev. Kim Drost

Phone: (715) 281-7816

Contact Kim for any questions on rentals and work-group volunteer opportunities.

Staff Bio: Rev. Carolyn Dugan

Rev. Carolyn Dugan is currently the North America Senior Trainer for Covance by LabCorp as well as the ARM-Camping for ABC-WI.  Carolyn previously held the role for Camp Tamarack from 2012-2020 and is looking forward to being back and helping people just “Be” at camp and exploring more outdoor ministry ideas. At Covance, Carolyn is responsible for helping to on-board new staff in scientific roles plus help with leadership and soft skills training. Carolyn is a Master of Divinity graduate of Central Baptist Theological Seminary in 2016 and was ordained by The Federated Church of Green Lake in August of…

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Staff Bio: Rev. Kim Drost

Kim’s official title is Assistant Minister – Camping: Facilities and Guest Services; another way of thinking of the position is Minister of Hospitality. She is the one who supports the programming and usage of the camp by making sure all of its facilities are maintained and in good working order. Kim gets to help people enjoy all that Camp Tamarack has to offer and through it encounter the loving God who created it. It is her heart’s desire to do everything she can do to help more people find and enjoy this place and, more importantly, find Jesus in it.

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